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Metal Chasing and Patination

Link to a pdf that give some tips on finishing your castings. 401 ME Surface finishing and metal patination Advertisements

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Friday pours Meet at 9am (car repairs)

Meet at 9:00am! Tomorrow morning is our last official set of pours.  If I have not seen you pouring metal,  I need to see your furnaces run.  We have all the ceramic shell plus at least four 3dp mold.  That … Continue reading

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Meet this morning

Meet this morning in Machine Shop/Annex computer lab at 9:45am.    Bring your solidworks files with so we can look at and edit them.

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Information on the determination of your final grade

A=90% or higher Mid-term Test 100 points Final Exam 100 points Research Paper 100 points Research Paper Peer Reviews 50 points Research Project 150 points: 100 points for completion of research and documentation – although I do not need a … Continue reading

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Group furnace pours

At this point I have not finished printing molds for the group furnaces. As many of you are still trying your furnaces, this may be helpful. I have had one of the kinds of days, we anything mechanical or :-:computer … Continue reading

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A majority of your patterns are printed or printed.  We did have a failure in printing a couple of layers of a few files that I will have to reprint (a couple of the cube shaped things mostly).  Please check … Continue reading

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